President’s Aides

President’s Aides are student leaders who serve as representatives of Wake Forest University and the student body, and participate in a variety of University events throughout the academic year. In addition, President’s Aides meet regularly with President Nathan O. Hatch, providing an additional communication link between students and the administration. The group was established in 1989 during the presidency of Thomas K. Hearn, Jr. Dr. Hearn was interested in ways to stay in touch with students: to listen to their concerns, to learn from their perspectives, and to give him a sounding board for ideas and initiatives.

Over time, President’s Aides also took on a “student ambassador” role, serving the President and the University as student representatives for a variety of university events. Today, President’s Aides represent students who have demonstrated leadership in academic life, student life and community service. The application process for President’s Aides begins in the spring, when rising juniors and seniors can apply for open positions. A committee reviews all applications, conducts interviews, and makes the final selection. For additional information about President’s Aides, please send an e-mail to Marybeth Wallace, Special Assistant to the President.

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