Condolences to NIU

Letter to the Wake Forest community regarding the tragedy at Northern Illinois University

Dear Wake Forest Students, Faculty and Staff:

Today, as we learn yet again of another tragedy which has taken place on a college campus, I sent a message to President John Peters at Northern Illinois University which said in part:

“The prayers of the students, faculty, staff and administration of Wake Forest University are with all of our colleagues at Northern Illinois University during this tragic time. We mourn the violent loss of life, most especially on campuses, of all places. We extend to you our heartfelt thoughts for healing, hope and understanding of the unimaginable.”

I want to take this sad opportunity to remind all of the members of the Wake Forest community of the procedures in place on our campus should an emergency take place here. We are committed to the safety and security of all on this campus: students, faculty, staff and visitors. I urge all of us to review these procedures which are available on ourĀ Campus Safety Web site, which can be accessed from the Wake Forest home page and Window on Wake Forest.

I also wish to remind anyone who feels a need to discuss the events which took place at Northern Illinois University of the counseling services available through the Student Health Service and the Campus Ministry office. The Personal Assistance Network/Employee Assistance Program (716-5493) is available to faculty and staff members who wish to talk with a professional about the recent events.

Please join me in remembering in our thoughts and prayers the victims and families of those who lost their life and were injured in yesterday’s event in Illinois.


Nathan O. Hatch

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