Haitian disaster

Letter to the campus about the earthquake in Haiti

Dear Members of the Wake Forest Community,

The extent of the earthquake devastation in Haiti has stunned all of us. For a nation and people that have already suffered so much, this latest disaster is almost beyond comprehension. I know I speak for the entire Wake Forest community when I say that the thoughts and prayers of this university are with the people of Haiti who have suffered immeasurable loss and destruction.

Many have asked me if any Wake Forest students were in Haiti at the time of the earthquake. While we know of several students who have family members in Haiti, no currently enrolled Wake Forest students are in Haiti, nor do we have any current faculty or staff members there. Our Chaplain’s office is in touch with the students and others who have family members in Haiti and will continue to provide whatever assistance they can offer.

I have also received a number of inquiries from generous Wake Forest people asking how they can best help. A number of efforts are already under way and more will follow. This Web site will serve as the university’s clearinghouse for all information related to Haitian relief and will continue to evolve as additional activities, events and information are planned. Please use this site to help determine how best you, your friends and your families might help, and to share with us any ideas, suggestions or updates you may have.

I know that the spirit of Pro Humanitate will continue to guide and inspire our Wake Forest response to this disaster. I can think of no more generous place — in tradition, in spirit and in action — than Wake Forest, and I know that our collective response in the days, weeks, and months ahead will be generous and thoughtful. Let me ask that all of us continue to keep the people of Haiti in our prayers.

Nathan O. Hatch

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