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Letter to Wake Forest alumni and parents

Dear alumni and parents of Wake Forests students,

We have been advised that on Thursday, NBC’s Today Show plans to air a story about the problem of sexual assault on college and university campuses. We understand the story will include an interview with a former Wake Forest student involving an incident that occurred in 2009. The University was offered the opportunity to provide a written statement, and I wanted to share our public statement with you in advance.

“Wake Forest University treats every student with integrity and compassion. Cases alleging sexual misconduct are among the most complex faced by university judicial systems. Wake Forest University personnel adhere to well-established policies and procedures that apply equally to all students, including both the victim and the accused. The University adheres to federal law that prevents us from discussing the details of this case but we feel strongly that the University’s response to the described incident has been misrepresented.”

As referred to in our statement above, I must emphasize that federal law (FERPA) prevents the University from discussing specifics of this or any other student case. I can assure you the University takes these issues seriously, has a well-established Code of Conduct and has procedures for hearing alleged violations of that Code of Conduct. In addition, Wake Forest offers significant resources to support our students in times of need.

Fostering a positive and respectful living and learning environment is of paramount importance at Wake Forest University. As part of our Pro Humanitate mission, we strive to treat all of our students with integrity and compassion.

Rest assured that the University is taking appropriate action to respond to this matter.


Nathan Hatch

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