On the Aurora tragedy

Dear Members of the Wake Forest family,

Just last week, our nation was again stunned by outrageous and evil actions – actions that claimed the lives of a dozen, injured 58 more, and forever changed the lives of hundreds. On behalf of the greater Wake Forest family, I send condolences and prayers to our friends and neighbors in Aurora and the surrounding areas. May God’s peace and calm be with families and friends of the victims and all those touched by this terrifying event.

In the victims, we see lives that had not yet reached their fullest potential. Yet, they inspire us to make the most of our moments. We hear about the acts of heroism and bravery that characterized some last breaths, and we are taught what it means to watch out for one another. From this tragedy, we search for hope; in this pain, we seek healing.

In moments such as these, the spirit of and dedication to Pro Humanitate rings evermore true.

If you have family or friends affected by this tragedy, please use the links on the Wake Forest Outreach website to contact the Counseling Center or contact my office so that we can be aware of the University’s connections.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Aurora.


Nathan O. Hatch

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