On Hurricane Sandy

Message from President Hatch to faculty, staff and students

Dear Wake Forest community:

As the East Coast braces for the impact of Hurricane Sandy, Wake Forest University offers its support to students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff who have loved ones in affected areas.

While Winston-Salem is outside the storm’s direct impact and those on our campus are safe, we are concerned about people along the Eastern seaboard and are mindful that many in our campus community have family and friends in the storm’s path.

We encourage you to contact the following resources, should the need arise:

  • Parents are encouraged to contact the Office of Parent Programs should the University need to be aware of any extraordinary circumstances affecting their students.
  • And, as always, our Alumni Office is here to assist with the needs of Wake Forest graduates.

The University will continue to monitor the weather and determine what specifically we can do to help students here as well as the greater Wake Forest family.


Nathan O. Hatch

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