A message from President Hatch

Dear Wake Forest community,

In a few days, the election for our nation’s president will be over. It is possible that it may take some time before we learn the results of the election and have some clarity as to how our country will be led for the next four years. And at Wake Forest, we will have an opportunity — one that will influence how we move forward.

For some, this is your first presidential election, and there is a certain excitement to casting your ballot. For others, this has been a seemingly endless season of listening to pundits and politicians, and watching social media feeds. And for many, this election has conjured up anxiety and unease, fear and uncertainty. In the coming days, as we close out this election and find our way forward as a nation and as a community, I ask that you take intentional care of one another.

No matter who wins this election, we have much to do. We have to figure out how to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have to continue to work toward a more equitable experience for all in our communities and we have to manage a lingering economic recession.

Your vote is up to you, and it is your business. But how we approach the aftermath of this election is up to all of us, and that is our business. Before we can solve the problems in our country and communities, we must fight the division that has pushed us apart.

Whether or not your candidate wins or your party prevails, our strength as a country depends on our unity. We have a decision as a community, and I am asking that you choose to band together to ward off the division that easily sets us one against another. Choose to see beyond party and beyond politics to see the inherent value of people at Wake Forest, in our local community and beyond.

Thank you for continuing to think about the good of one another as we make our way through this unprecedented year. Please stay healthy and safe.

With gratitude,

Nathan O. Hatch

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