Event Configurations & Capacities

The following configurations and capacity guidelines apply to scheduling an event at the President’s home:

  • The President’s Home (inside) cannot accommodate more than 30 people for any event.
  • The Office of University Events will oversee and plan all President’s Home events.
  • If planning an outside event or event that will utilize the tent (fall only), you must have a rain plan prior to your event. This rain plan must take into account the maximum number of guests permitted inside the President’s Home for an event.

President’s Home event configurations are listed below. Please contact Brandi Cleveland at 336.758.7015 orĀ clevelbb@nullwfu.edu with questions.

  • Dining Room Table: 12 people maximum.
  • Dining Room with Existing Table Moved: 2 rounds of 10, 2 rounds of 8.
  • Small Family Room (adjacent to dining room): 2 rounds of 8 or 1 round of 10.
  • Breakfast Nook (not ideal for guest seating / staff only): 6 people around existing table.
  • Big Tent on Back Patio: 7 rounds of 8 (seated dinner) or 6 rounds of 8 (buffet dinner); depending on the number of guests, rounds of 10 could be used. [NOTE: TENT IS ONLY UP DURING THE FALL: TYPICALLY MID-AUGUST to OCTOBER; TO USE TENT, YOU MUST HAVE A RAIN PLAN.]
  • Brick Side Patio (outside): 4 rounds of 8 or 3 rounds of 10; No tent; must have rain plan.
  • Back Patio Breezeway (outside between portico and back door): 2-3 cocktail rounds of 4; No tent; must have rain plan.
  • Living Room for Seated Lecture or Conversation: 25-30 people using existing furniture and extra chairs.
  • Garage: 25 guest maximum. If garage is being used for meeting or program, 10-15 is a better fit.

Events at the President’s Home

While the President’s Home is host to a large number of University events throughout the year, it is not possible to meet all of the requests.

If you would like to explore the possibility of your event taking place at the house, you can:

The President’s garage also is available for events.

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