Stop, Look and Listen

Commencement Address

President Nathan O. Hatch
Monday, May 20, 2019

Matthew Dicks is a fantastic storyteller. He is a frequent guest at The Moth in New York, an organization dedicated to the art ...

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Both... And: Commencement Address to the Class of 2018

In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.

— Walter Cronkite

How many of you have visited the new website The Flip Side?  It is the brainchild of Annafi Wahed, a 2012 graduate of ...

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Celebrate, Remember and Continue: Remarks at Maya Angelou's 90th Birthday Celebration

Good evening! Thank you for joining us to celebrate the life and legacy of Maya Angelou.

Tonight, we gather on what would be Maya Angelou’s 90th birthday. As you all know, Maya Angelou came ...

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Wake Forest's Opportunity

State of the University

Good afternoon. Thanks to all of you for joining us. I appreciate your engagement and interest in the state of our University.

Thomas Edison, an inventor who held more ...

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Leadership and the Art of Conversation

Presentation to the Board of Trustees, June 2017

This past weekend, we celebrated Father’s Day, and I thought about my father, a minister and psychologist, who was a man of few words. Despite ...

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