President Wente walks and talks with Kevin Jung, Professor of Theological Ethics and Moral Philosophy, about how his work addresses big questions about finding reality, the meaning of life and how one should live their lives. They discuss how students must learn about moral interdependence and self-deception if they are going to help others and why Jung loves challenging questions from students. 

Professor, Theological Ethics and Moral Philosophy

Kevin Jung works at the intersection of theological ethics, moral philosophy, and cognitive science. He brings his expertise as an ethicist to guest lectures in neuroscience courses. His latest research delves into the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence (AI), exploring questions surrounding the moral status of AI. He contemplates whether AI should be regarded as persons, examines the distinctions between humans and AI systems as technology progresses, and considers the implications of AI engagement for society and the world at large. His scholarship explores the enduring relevance of theological concepts and ideas to the contemporary world. He is the author of “Christian Ethics and Commonsense Morality: An Intuitionist Account” (Routledge, 2014) and “Ethical Theory and Responsibility Ethics” (Peter Lang, 2011).

Kevin Jung

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