Lending our light to others

As the days get shorter, colder, and darker, our natural tendency as humans is to seek warmth, light, and comfort in the company of others.  Our impulse to gather and to light up the darkness is on full display during this festive season at Wake […]

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Expanding our narrative through memorialization

At Wake Forest, our motto invites each of us to stand with and for humanity. Whether through research, teaching, community service, or institutional initiatives, how we respond to this call shows up in countless ways on campus — and makes me proud to lead this […]

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A guide in moments of crisis: ‘For Humanity’

(Updated Oct. 16, 2023)Whether in times of joy, trepidation, or sorrow, people – students, alumni, parents, community members, and others – look to trusted institutions like universities to demonstrate care, reason, ethical leadership, and a measure of stability when crises threaten to destabilize us. At […]

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Telling our Wake Forest story

Last spring with commencement weekend on the horizon, I had lunch with a group of students that included graduating seniors. I asked the seniors to reflect on their time at Wake Forest and what they believed makes Wake Forest distinctive.  All of them paused and […]

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