In preparation for the 2022-23 academic strategic planning process, the University has launched a strategic review of Wake Forest’s undergraduate enrollment position, partnering with the higher education research firm, Art & Science Group. The project will focus on understanding how the landscape for undergraduate enrollment has changed during the pandemic, and where Wake Forest’s exceptional education is situated within that landscape. Findings will be used to develop an effective, forward-looking undergraduate enrollment strategy, as well as to support the University’s strategic planning process. 

Project Co-Chairs

Eric Maguire — Vice President for Enrollment 

Michele Gillespie — Dean of the College, incoming Provost 

Steering Committee Members 

Shea Kidd Brown — Vice President for Campus Life 

Brett Eaton — Senior Associate Vice President, Communications and External Relations 

Julia Jackson-Newsom — Senior Advisor for Planning and Partnerships 

Julia Jordan-Zachery — Professor and Chair, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies 

Ben King — Professor of the Practice, Strategy, School of Business 

Pat Lord — Teaching Professor, Biology 

Rais Rahman — Associate Professor, History, Chair of Admission Committee  

Jackie Sheridan — Director of the Wake Forest Scholars Program

Ashleigh Brock — Chief of Staff, Office of the President (Staff to the Committee) 

Susan R. Wente — President ex officio 

Art & Science Consulting Team: 

Nanci Tessier, Craig Goebel, Eric Collum, and Arlene Cash 

Project Phases of Work: 

1 — Discovery: Art & Science Group will gain a comprehensive understanding of the University’s goals, character, and strengths, as well as identify topics and strategic initiatives, which can then be tested in the research phase. This will be achieved through collaboration with the campus steering committee, as well as an intensive series of meetings with members of the Wake Forest community, including administrative leaders, key professional staff, faculty, and students.

2 — Research with Prospective Undergraduate Students: Art & Science Group will conduct quantitative research with students at two critical stages of the college selection process: the matriculation decision (survey fielded in late spring 2022) and the application decision (survey to be fielded early in 2023). They will report their findings to the steering committee as each stage is completed. 

 3 — Analysis of the Research / Development and Discussion of Implications and Recommendations. After the research phase, Art & Science Group will consider with the steering committee what the report findings mean for Wake Forest. In collaboration with the steering committee, they will develop and discuss recommendations focused on institutional strategy — in particular, on enhancing the University’s ability to attract and enroll a diverse pool of talented students, and consult with us as we move to finalize the plan. 

The Discovery phase of the project begins April 8, with an initial set of interviews and focus group conversations with a range of current students, faculty, and staff.