Dear members of the Wake Forest community, 

Overnight, individuals vandalized sidewalks and a tree on the Reynolda Campus using spray paint. This criminal act also violates the student code of conduct. One incident of this vandalism included the use of vile, antisemitic language. The University has also received reports of racist, anti-Black, antisemitic, Islamophobic, and homophobic speech. Expressions of hatred directed toward an individual or group are completely antithetical to our values and are abhorrent and unacceptable. 

The Wake Forest University Police Department is actively investigating these incidents. If you have information, please call 336-758-5591 or use the Silent Witness reporting tool to remain anonymous. 

Because of these incidents, and recurring incidents of chalking and posting that violate our University’s stated chalking policies, chalking on University sidewalks, including in the area designated for such activity by students, is suspended for the remainder of the academic year through Commencement. Existing chalking in any areas will be removed and any instances of chalking found will be promptly removed. Students found in violation of this directive will be subject to conduct action.

We are living in volatile and difficult times, but we cannot and will not waver in our commitment to protect campus health and safety, to uphold University values and to continue to demonstrate caring for one another.


Susan R. Wente 

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