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Identifying the ‘Why, What and How’ of Wake Forest together

Universities are inquisitive communities, always asking questions and seeking answers. We also acknowledge that definitive answers are not based on one dialogue, or one experiment, or one creative work. Consensus comes from rigorous debate by a community of experts, a consensus that is informed by multiple pieces of evidence, emanating from different minds and voices, […]

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How we frame the framework

The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, once said, “great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.”  As a scientist, I’ve seen this assertion play out many times — and in real time — both in my own career and those of my colleagues in the academy. I’m also seeing it […]

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Universities as partners in the talent pipeline

Over the past year, I have learned so much about all the different ways our university works with our city, region and state. As a great university, our reach is broad; yet, a critical role we play locally is contributing to the economic development of Winston-Salem, the Triad and North Carolina.  During September, I spoke […]

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Announcing the Strategic Framework Process

As a great university, Wake Forest is called to continually build upon our strong foundation and strive for excellence. Across the last four decades, we have been guided by several strategic plans with the most recent conceived between 2007-09. Each moved the University as a whole toward greater distinctiveness. We expect no less for our […]

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Summer Greetings

With the summer now fully upon us, there are many different paces and rhythms across our campus community. For some, summer is a time to reset and plan for the Fall semester. For others — such as our facilities staff, our financial units and those teaching summer sessions — June and July are key months […]

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Reflecting Forward on the Academic Year

While commencement festivities this month marked the beginning of our graduates’ next adventures, they also signaled the completion of our 2021-22 academic year.  This year’s events were especially beautiful — returning to Hearn Plaza and with Baccalaureate and five separate hooding ceremonies in Wait Chapel. My most sincere gratitude to our staff and faculty for […]

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Embracing Change

As we close in on the last day of classes and prepare for final exams, we also look forward to next month’s spring commencement celebrations. Commencement is always a special time on a campus, even with the creativity and flexibility needed for the past two years. For those who are graduating, it represents a significant […]

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Reflections on Inauguration Week

Last Friday marked the 14th time a new president was officially invested to lead Wake Forest. I am deeply grateful to everyone who was involved in making it such a special week for the university community, and for me and my family.  Across all of the events — from the volunteer “kit-packing” and special Face […]

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What Will We Found Together?

Last week, we celebrated Founders’ Day Convocation on campus, our first in-person convocation since February 2020. For myself, it was yet another opportunity to learn and to reflect on what makes Wake Forest such a special place — it was a celebration. And, it was also a convocation — a calling together – that enabled […]

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Many Voices, One Wake Forest: Using Feedback to Propel Us Forward

As I begin my second semester as president, my journey of discovery continues to unfold. I shared in my October blog post how I view transparency through open dialogue and intentional communication as one of my key priorities. There are so many voices to hear, and then opportunities to unite as one campus community, one […]

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